This is NOT a fun question to Google because it could mean that you didn’t see anything on the screen! Don’t worry! It’s very possible that it’s just too early, which was the case during the first prenatal visits of both my pregnancies. 

Today (December 20, 2018) was my first prenatal appointment for my second pregnancy. I have had a previous pregnancy, but lost the baby at 15 weeks. Read more here.

During my first prenatal visit during the first pregnancy, I was 4 or 5 weeks and went in WAY early since I was super excited and didn’t know any better. This time around, I knew it was very early, but I had already had the appointment booked as a check up, so I figured, “What the heck?!”

According to when I ovulated (November 27th), I should be 5 weeks 3 days today. According to Google (and the articles and forums and what not), 5 weeks is early and I shouldn’t freak out if I don’t see a gestational sac. I go in tomorrow to get blood drawn so that they can start checking HCG levels since you should be able to see the sac when levels are 2,000 plus. Another thing to worry about and Google!

Even though I’d literally experienced this less than 6 months ago, I did what any logical woman would do… I went straight to the pharmacy and bought two pregnancy tests! I took one and got a big fat positive… Like, line appeared almost immediately. So, that put my mind at rest (a little… more Googling to come!)

big fat positive pregnancy test at 23 days post ovulation
Big Fat Positive (BFP) Pregnancy Test At 23 Days Past Ovulation (DPO)

I have an appointment on January, so fingers crossed I’ll see the bean then.

P.S. This post’s image is from my first pregnancy. It is an ultrasound performed on July 6, 2018 when I was approximately 6 weeks. You can see the gestational sac and the yolk sac.  

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