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6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant: Common Google Searches

If you’re 6 weeks pregnant, you’ve probably gotten numerous big fat positives (BFPs), and the tests keep getting darker :-). If you’re lucky, or high risk (like me), then you may have even had a prenatal appointment and ultrasound! So exciting! I actually just had an…

5 Weeks Pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant: Common Google Searches

If you’re 5 weeks pregnant, then you’ve probably just found out you’re expecting. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first or fifth, getting that big fat positive (BFP), or very faint line (VFL), is exciting! Let’s take a look at some common Google searches 🙂 Google Searches…

Is It Safe To Take A Bath While Pregnant

Is It Safe To Take A Bath While Pregnant

I Googled this last night while surfing the forums since a woman had posted a picture of herself enjoying a nice warm bath. I was under the impression that anything hot, i.e. hot tub, sauna, intense exercise, hot bath, etc., were no-nos. The handy dandy…

Eat Lettuce During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Eat Lettuce During Pregnancy?

This may seem obvious, but one never knows! After all the drama with romaine lettuce this year, I figured it’s best to consult with my bff Google. On a side note… The memes from the romaine lettuce recall remind me why I love the Interwebs 🙂…

How Early Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

How Early Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

If you’re Googling this, it’s quite likely that you’re counting down to your big fat positive (BFP)! The short answer is that you can take a pregnancy test as early as you want! Free will and all that jazz 🙂 However, just because you can,…

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Discharge During Early Pregnancy

Discharge During Early Pregnancy

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! Even though discharge isn’t particularly pleasant, even if it is odorless and rather dull looking, it’s a great means of knowing what’s going on up there. It’s like your vagina, cervix and uterus are sending you messages from beyond! I…

i accidentally drank alcohol during early pregnancy

I Accidentally Drank Alcohol During Early Pregnancy

Oops! I love that I included “accidentally” in the Google search, as if Google may judge me. So, I did accidentally drink alcohol during early pregnancy. I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time and had been getting big fat negatives (BFNs) every time…

ultrasound at approximately 6 weeks with gestational sac and yolk sac

Is It Normal To Not See A Sac At 5 Weeks

This is NOT a fun question to Google because it could mean that you didn’t see anything on the screen! Don’t worry! It’s very possible that it’s just too early, which was the case during the first prenatal visits of both my pregnancies.  Today (December…

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Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant

Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant

As blessed as I feel to be pregnant, it is hard giving up some of my favorite things, including wine, sushi and copious amounts of coffee. Did you accidentally drink during early pregnancy? Read more here. Tens of thousands of searches about coffee during pregnancy…

Is It Safe To Eat Garlic During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Eat Garlic During Pregnancy

When I’m pregnant, I literally Google every food prior to consumption to check whether it’s safe. I’m a pretty reasonable person and know that most fruits and vegetables are probably safe, but it’s so tempting when the information is at my fingertips! Also, not everything…

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